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Tip for meeting deadlines
« on: September 05, 2019, 07:47:27 AM »
Tip for meeting deadlines

Reputation at most printshops have been pushed behind so we know they can deliver but we don’t know when.

In the press we are very often pressed for time, and customers never make it easy because they all also want it done now!

The easiest way is to automate the ordering, processing, payment, production to finish and delivery process but this will be a discussion for another day.

In this write up, we will try to give tips on how to manage your time, the first step in doing this is to remain very truthful to yourself and the client. Business book preaches “under promising and over delivering”. If we assume that we are dealing with a printer that is truthful to himself then we can move on to the below tips:

Know your capacity:
This is still being truthful, every Printing equipment has a specified capacity, but since the manufacturer would not operate this equipment it will be wise to test and overtime compute your own capacity- this is also affected by your staffs knowledge, your service providers response time, your material stock management and your internal process and this is just to mention a few. Just please note that accepting an order you can’t realistically produce will surely cause problems

The customer:
You and I know they come in variances. Some customers only come at the last minute, your process MUST force this kind of customers to be more organized. For instance a policy of a higher premium for last minute jobs can be helpful -afterall we all pay more for express services. Relationship with customers are key so knowing your customer and how urgent their job is can help you in renegotiating deliveries to free up space for more urgent orders.

Your staff:
Your employees should know exactly what’s expected of them to complete a job.  Production schedule affects every department in your entire press.
In a small setup, the entire process may fall under one person’s responsibility. But in a larger organization, many different employees can play roles filling the order, and they all need to be generally familiar with the process. For example, if you have a dedicated sales department or design department, it’s a bad idea for them to accept or create a design requiring more colors than your press can print. When each member of the team knows his or her role and how it fits into the bigger picture, it’ll help your production run smoothly. For a better look at how to keep your staff working together, we have a weekend retreat called “switch on”, for managers to help understand their roles and how they fit a round peg in a round hole for an overall effectiveness- we can chat offline to discuss this 😂

The human factor:
We are all human and never ever immune to mistakes. I have learnt that the secret of getting sympathy from your client when a mistake occurs is only if you carry them along at every stage of the process. You both see the mistake, you both realize it’s an honest one, you take responsibility for it and propose how to fix it! Mistakes should be thoroughly examined to understand why it occurred and put processes in place to prevent a repeat.

You need to be familiar with your equipment and know its limitations. If you have an automatic press, make the most of it. You don’t want to tie up your automatic press on a small, simple order if you have a manual press available. Take downtime and maintenance into account. All machines need occasional maintenance, and there is no known printing equipment that are exception. Creating a preventative maintenance schedule and sticking to it can help ensure your machines are up and running when you need them most. Organize your equipment for maximum efficiency – your shop layout should minimize wasted movement and wasted time. Always be intentional when installing.

This is hoping we have been able to communicate something useful. Please do have a lovely weekend

Akin Oduwole
CEO At Technology Global