Author Topic: Taking good care of your DTG -direct to garment printer  (Read 3857 times)


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Taking good care of your DTG -direct to garment printer
« on: February 08, 2019, 11:38:31 PM »
The world seems to be moving faster than usual, and businesses that adopt technological advancement seem to be in a vantage position.

In printing technology, and garment printing especially, the entrance of DTG brought some dynamism into that sector;

T-shirts are printed as you wait

No endless preparation time and cost

Extreme freedom and flexibility which affords that you print various variable designs without blinking

The best part is printing is made easy, if you like “Garment printing for dummies”. DTG affords extreme ease of use.

It is however important to know that by the technology behind DTG printing there is a tendency to have clogged printheads or ink path if one doesn’t follow the rules. Running water based pigmented inks means the ink path must always be fluid (either with inks when in use or with cleansing solution when it will be abandoned for a while). Below are some tips to ensure your DTG works optimally

1. Air bubble is an enemy of the ink path, to avoid this never allow the system run out of inks, we advise you fill the cartridges before any major job and keep physical checks on the level as you print
2. Respect the daily cleaning procedures
3. Once a week especially when going for the weekend, drop cleaning fluid on the capping station before capping and closing for the day. This helps keep the capping station wet to avoid dried up inks blocking the ink path
4. Dampers needs to be changed every half yearly to avoid ink starvation. This is part of yearly maintenance procedures
5. Sign up maintenance contract with qualified and professional technicians
6. Ask questions before you buy, the type of DTG you buy depends on the type and volume of jobs you intend running on it.

DTG deserves some care, if you want to flog it, please remember to take care of it.

I hope you have learnt? Further enquiries can be sent to my attention.

Thanks you
Akin Oduwole