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Who we are

Technology Global driven by young and technically minded leadership, self motivated to succeed, flexible enough to meet customer’s needs, and always engaging in research which transform to relevant technology being deployed to help drive each printer to profitability.

We have learnt that no printing business is ever the same. Allow us peep into your plan so we can recommend, help procure, install, train your manpower, provide consumables and our flagship super after sales support.



We have a dream that one day, technical support will no longer be imported into the shores of our land.

We have a dream that Nigerian engineers will become so professional and to become the envy of the world.

We have a dream that printing equipment will work and have a near zero down time like it is in the developed countries of the world.

We have a dream, that one day… We will sell MADE IN NIGERIA printing equipments to the entire world.

Some of these dreams have come to pass while some are still work in progress.


After Sales Support


Nero Zero Downtime


Factory trained engineers in Lagos & Abuja


Spare parts & Consumables